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“Publishing for Dummies”: How to Write and Publish an Electronic Book (e-book) with AMAZON [Kindle Edition]


HOW to Write, Create And Publish Your Own Digital Book (E-Book) with Amazon 

here’s how to write and publish YOUR book… or perhaps that “great” American novel that lies slumbering deep within you
* or that of any other country

‘They’ say EVERYONE’s got a novel in them…
And the reason your book hasn’t been published , is simply because you haven’t written it… YET!”


“There is nothing else I do as well as driving a racing car. This is what I do best in my life, so the satisfaction I gain from it will obviously be the maximum.”
– the words of Michael Schumacher

Hopefully ‘Schumi’s’ feeling will be the same for you …. whether in your writing…or any endeavour in life you may choose to engage. ENJOY!

“When you’re writing there are times when you feel it’s a bit of a struggle. However, at other times you’re in what is called ‘the zone’ and writing just feels effortless. This happens when finding the right words is no longer a struggle; but this heightened state, as with most crafts usually comes with practise. Then words simply flow into your head faster than you can write them down (or can press the keyboard). But you have to really push your writing limits to get this kind of experience. “
Then later you look what you’ve written and think: “Bloody hell. That’s good. Did I really write that? Wonder where all that came from!”
– A “nony-moose” writer

To the sounds of click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogPZ5CY9KoM

“Those who say it’s impossible, should stand aside and make way for those who say: ‘With the right will, commitment, dedication, persistence, courage and especially faith, one sunny day IT’ IS POSSIBLE’!
– craig

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Got the idea for this short e-book at 4am Dec 11 2011 and submitted it to Amazon at 4.05 am and it’s already published today. Eureka!
If this “totally impulsive total non-techno dummy” can do it, ANYONE CAN!
This short digital book follows on from my other Amazon e-books, which tell the story of my writing journey… a “never-ending” story…:

I hope they may be helpful to you. Enjoy

Then things all changed, once I found out about Amazon digital publishing (perhaps I should writing ads, ha ha). Even someone, like me, who has no idea of layout and formatting, found it really easy uploading my various books (66 now).
So if I can do it, YOU can too!
Good luck and happy publishing with Amazon

“The only barrier is how you limit your own vision and your own persistence and tenacity in following through with it.”