Publishing with Createspace (Paperbacks)

How to Create an Interior PDF of Your Book

NEWNEW: You can upload a Word .doc or .rtf and Interior Reviewer will do the conversion for you.

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Set up your Document

One text-page per PDF-page; One PDF-page per page number. Your document’s dimensions will be the book’s final trim size, plus bleed (optional) with margins.

Trim Size

This is the final cut-size of your book in width by height.

Learn more about choosing a trim size


Page CountInside MarginOutside Margins
24 to 150 pages.375″at least .25″
151 to 300 pages.5″at least .25″
301 to 500 pages.625″at least .25″
501 to 700 pages.75″at least .25″
701 to 828 pages.875″at least .25″

Gutter margins are by the book’s binding. You’ll want a wider margin for longer (thicker) books. See the table for…

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