Laura Stanfill

Yuvi Zalkow’s debut is scheduled for release tomorrow, and he’ll be speaking at Powell’s in Portland on Thursday.

Tomorrow marks the official launch of Yuvi Zalkow’s A Brilliant Novel in the Works. 

Let’s all stand on our desks in our underwear to celebrate. That’s where Yuvi’s protagonist Yuvi finds himself at the beginning of this unusual, and hilarious, debut novel about writing a novel.

A Brilliant Novel in the Works, released by MP Publishing, is an incisive portrait of the act of creation and its effect on relationships. It’s a mind-boggling crazy quilt of a novel, the present-tense scenes stitched together with short, elegant stories ostensibly written by the neurotic but lovable protagonist Yuvi (but of course really written by Yuvi the author). The blurring of the line between fiction and memoir gives this playful book a powerful emotional punch. Amid hilarious riffs on Protestant sandwiches and poop, there…

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