Publishing with Smashwords

How to format your novel for Smashwords in ONE DAY

I assume you’re a well-informed, well-prepared author-publisher and have your novel parts in order (with front matter, biography, etc.), so I will only discuss the technical part here: formatting only.

For tips on how to structure your manuscript for an optimal ebook experience, please consultSmashword’s very own tips, or the thousands of online articles on self-publishing floating on the web.

Now let’s get down to business. What you need before we begin:

  • Your novel manuscript in an MS Word document
  • A gallon of fresh, hot coffee
  • A few hours of uninterupted time
  • A big red NO! sign to hold up (or use as a human-sized flyswatter) in case of unexpected demands

Ready? Great!

*rolls up her sleeves*

Sheldon it's on bitch

Before you work any kind of formatting magic, you first have to >

Clean up your manuscript of wonky formatting

Your MS Word document will be converted into

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