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# A Journey from Darkness into the Light (do tomorrow, c)
Handbook to Survive Life
The Driver the Nurse and the Writer
A Traitor’s Heart
The New Rainbow
God and Formula 1
Living with head/brain injury
Smashed/Crashed Up
The Power of Words
A Packful of Lies
Beyond the Zone
Thoughts of Og Mandino: A better way to live
* A “Vook” (experimenting with a combination of videos and ebook)??
* We Must NOT Hate ???
My Journey of Faith

Keep “working”, c
Once finished with list can start writing (and focussing on) new books (more on writing and motor racing perhaps??), which I love doing… best of all.
“Life is one long journey of learning, exploring (limits), discovering and dreaming.”
me just wrote that 11th October 2018

As “inspired” by the Japanese concept of
C onstant
A and

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