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Craig’s List of Blogs (Updated Sept 2011)


via Craig’s List of Blogs (Updated Sept 2011)

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

~ Franz Kafka

The various books* that Craig “felt inspired to write” are available at


All proceeds go to needy and underprivileged children –

“When the writer is no more , the value of your purchase will soar! ”

Don’t worry about the world ending today…
as it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand


“I wish you well on a rainy day
I wish you rainbows to brighten your day
To feel your quiet moments with a special kind of warmth
to remind you that happiness can happen
when you least expect it.

I wish you rainbows to make you laugh…

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​How2 earn money as a WRITER

Thanks for all the likes, “follows” and/or reblogs, Emmanuel. Pleased you like it, as the reason I write is to share.
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Best wishes from the First City to see the light

Life lessons

Being a writer is one of the best ways to make a living.

If and only if you are serious with the craft.

I have been a ghostwriter for a year now and I don’t regret having made that decision.

If you have some great skills in writing and you wanna make some money off of it then here are some ideas for you to make your dream a reality.


Ghostwriters are people hired to produce content, but the credit goes to the person who hired them.

Most of the content produced by ghostwriters are autobiographies, scripts and magazine articles.

I am better in autobiographies than in the rest.

So if you need an autobiography written for you, you can contact me onmy email

2.Affiliate marketing

This is the fastest way to make extra cash if you have a blog.

Add affiliate links anywhere in your blog and…

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A story about a writer, writing a book (a novel)… or perhaps even making a movie!


“I don’t know how the story will end; however I do know that I created the characters, so know some of the choices they’ll make.”

via I want to write a book (a novel) or perhaps even make a movie!


“a bit touched”..but then perhaps you’ve been watching too many “romcoms” lately, c

ROMance nice.png

Keep dreaming “old man” (thankfully not Harvey Weinstein)!

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“You know when a writers in real trouble… when they start writing about writing.”


You know when a writers in real trouble… when they start writing about writing.”
And once they start running creative writing courses, you know then they’re really deep in the smelly brown stuff.”
 Image result for in the poo

from  a Google search  (instead of my “non-existent filing system”, thanks for rescuing me from chaos BIG G)

Image result for you know when a writers in real trouble craig lock
craigs writing journey

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Createspace Cover Creator: Cover Creator video tutorial


“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”

Craig’s various Createspace (paperback) books are at




CReative Kiwis



Want to publish a print version of your Amazon e-book (KDP)? Check out these manuscript formatting resources.

Image result for print version of your Amazon e-book

Want to publish a print version of your book on KDP? Check out our manuscript formatting resources.

Templates in Microsoft Word

A basic guide so you can format your paperback yourself. It includes the essential steps for turning a manuscript written in Microsoft Word into a PDF ready to be uploaded to KDP.


“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”

CReative Kiwis


Creative Kiwis Books and Ebooks

Going out with a bang!

Image may contain: night, fireworks and outdoor

My funeral instructions (as “inspired/led” – totally impulsively from my old friend, John’s* Facebook page)

* “the world’s third worst photographer”, so he calls himself

I will most likely be cremated, so I have specified that I have a special jacket which I must wear to the funeral pyre. each pocket is chock-a-block with crackers, catherine wheels, rockets (stick removed) and those square ‘jobbies’ that shoot showers of stars and bangs into the sky. The Makaraka crematorium here in “Sleepy Hollow”, “little” New Zealand will rock for twenty minutes. #

“Totally crackers”!



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